Children at Play

The Children at Play box gives students a glimpse into the lives of children in Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Included in the box are dolls, puzzles, a drum, a stuffed tiger, shuttlecocks, traditional games, music and books. Students will make their own dolls, play games, read a folktale and make their own traditional toys.

This fun and engaging box inspires creativity and cross-cultural learning as students learn to make connections between themselves and children in Asia.

The Children at Play box includes:

  • Indonesian bamboo snakes
  • Peddler drum
  • Cloth dolls from Vietnam, China and Thailand
  • Daruma Otoshi (Japanese wood stacking game)
  • Shuttlecocks
  • Two wooden puzzle games
  • Stuffed tiger
  • Bamboo yo-yo
  • Two books
  • Laminated map of Asia
  • One music CD
  • One DVD

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