Powder and Paint: Cantonese Opera and the Immigrant Experience in Vancouver

Explore early Chinese immigration history through Cantonese opera!

In this hands-on box, students will learn about the importance of Cantonese opera in the lives of early Chinese immigrants and discover the magic and artistry of this much-loved art form.

Students will make opera masks, build a diorama, listen to opera excerpts, read a folktale and much more!

*This box is an outreach program of the Pacific Canada Heritage Centre - Museum of Migration Society and developed and facilitated by Museum Bento.


The Powder and Paint box includes:

  • Child opera costumes
  • Gong and cymbals
  • Two opera dolls
  • Diorama
  • Model of an opera stage
  • Suitcase filled with objects
  • Paper umbrella
  • Magnet dolls with opera costumes
  • Opera masks
  • Three books
  • Laminated map of the Pacific Ocean
  • Eight photographs
  • Cantonese opera recording