Meet Monkey King: A Legend from China

Monkey King, or Sun Wukong, is one of China's most beloved characters and has entertained children and adults for centuries with his wily tricks and amazing feats of magic.

In this box, you will read excerpts from the epic Chinese novel Journey to the West where Monkey first appears and meet his companions Sandy, Pigsy and the legendary Buddhist Monk Xuanzang.

You will learn how to make an opera mask, write your own adventure story inspired by Monkey, put on a shadow puppet performance, play a Chinese drum and more!

The Meet Monkey King: A Legend from China box includes:

  • Glove Puppet
  • Shadow Puppet
  • Journey to the West
  • Drum and Gong
  • Monkey Opera Mask
  • Peking Opera Photo
  • Dough Figurines
  • Weifang Kites
  • Two books
  • One CD
  • One DVD
  • Map of China
  • A teacher's guide with background information and activities.

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